CELS 2013

1st Workshop on Experimental Economics and Legal Research

October 24, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

This workshop, conducted by Professors Claudia M. Landeo and Kathryn Zeiler, presents the fundamentals of experimental economics methods and discusses the role of experiments in the study of law. The material is intended for professors and students who seek an introduction to the methods of experimental economics needed to (i) understand previous experimental economics work and its role in legal research, and (ii) use experimental economics methods to study legal institutions. No prior training in experimental economics is required or assumed.

The workshop material is divided into three parts. The first part characterizes the essential components of experimental economics methods. It also outlines the role of these methods and the findings from experimental economics studies in the analysis of legal institutions. The second part walks through a set of seminal experimental economics studies relevant to legal institutions. The third part takes an empirical approach to the understanding of the methods of experimental economics by providing participants with the opportunity to be involved as subjects in an actual experimental session. At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a sound knowledge of the main components of the methods of experimental economics, and a solid understanding of the role of these methods and findings to the study of law.

Reading assignments will be electronically sent to the participants three weeks before the workshop.

This is an optional event - please note that it begins the day BEFORE the CELS conference starts and will be held at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

The workshop requires advance registration and a registration fee of$75 in addition to CELS 2013 registration. Attendees must also become SELS members if they are not already, which is required as part of registering for the conference.

For additional information please contact Professor Claudia M. Landeo (landeo@ualberta.ca) or Professor Kathryn Zeiler (zeiler@law.georgetown.edu).

Advance Registration Required, Limited Enrollment. Register through Conference Maker.