CELS 2013


To attend the conference, you must be a member of the Society for Empirical Legal Studies (SELS).

Registration is now open through Conference Maker. Click here to register.

Conference Registration - $110

Conference Registration for Students - $30

Empirical Training Workshop - advance registration is required and enrollment is limited – $100

1st Workshop on Experimental Economics and Legal Research - advance registration is required and enrollment is limited - $75

Keynote dinner, held Friday, October 25th. Attendance is optional - $75

Keynote dinner guest - $75

SELS Membership

To join the Society for Empirical Legal Studies, please go to the membership page hosted by Wiley Blackwell. Please retain your SELS membership confirmation number as you will be asked for it upon registering for the CELS conference.

Basketball Courts Reserved

By popular demand there will be a post-CELS basketball game Saturday afternoon.  If you would like to play please sign up here.