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Law & Economics Faculty


David Abrams, Assistant Professor of Law, Business, and Public Policy

David Abrams is an empirical economist whose work brings modern econometric techniques to bear on a variety of topics in law and economics.


William Bratton, Deputy Dean and Nicholas F. Gallicchio Professor of Law; Co-Director, Institute for Law and Economics

William Bratton, internationally recognized as a leading writer on business law, brings an interdisciplinary perspective that encompasses corporate governance, corporate finance, accounting, corporate legal history, and comparative corporate law.

Howard Chang, Earle Hepburn Professor of Law

Howard Chang has made influential contributions to our understanding of the relationship between environmental law and international trade law. His most recent work focuses on the economic incentives created by the federal Superfund law.


Jill Fisch, Perry Golkin Professor of Law; Co-Director, Institute for Law and Economics

Jill Fisch is a nationally known scholar, whose work focuses on the intersection of business and law, including the role of regulation and litigation in addressing limitations in the disciplinary power of the capital markets.


Jonathan Klick, Professor of Law

Jonathan Klick’s work focuses on identifying the causal effects of laws and regulations on individual behavior using cutting-edge econometric tools.



Michael Knoll, Theodore K. Warner Professor of Law & Professor of Real Estate; Co-Director, Center for Tax Law and Policy

Michael Knoll is an insightful commentator on how income tax laws affect business and investment decisions and a creative proponent of how those laws could be redesigned.

Chris William Sanchirico, Samuel A. Blank Professor of Law, Business and Public Policy; Co-Director, Center for Tax Law and Policy

Chris Sanchirico’s work spans several fields of legal scholarship but is chiefly focused on taxation and evidentiary procedure. His work on taxation employs a range of methodologies.


Reed Shuldiner, Alvin L. Snowiss Professor of Law; Co-Director, Center for Tax Law and Policy

Reed Shuldiner, one of the nation’s top experts on the Federal income tax, is best known for his seminal work on the taxation of financial products. His current areas of research include the taxation of wealth and the treatment of risk under the income tax.


Michael Wachter, William B. Johnson Prof. of Law and Economics, Co-Director, Institute for Law & Economics

Michael Wachter, a prominent cross-disciplinary scholar in law and economics, focuses his current research on topics of corporate law, corporate finance, and labor law and economics.


Tess Wilkinson-Ryan ’05, Assistant Professor of Law              

Tess Wilkinson-Ryan uses experimental methods from psychology and behavioral economics to ask how people draw on their moral intuitions to motivate or inform legal choices.