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Application Questions

Questions about timing

When can I apply?

See Application Information.

When are the application deadlines?

See Application Information.

When can I expect to hear a decision?

See Application Information.

What if I have submitted all my materials to LSAC by the deadline, but the application is forwarded to the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School after the deadline?

We will consider all applications that are submitted to LSAC by December 15. However, we cannot review an application until it is complete, so applicants are advised to closely monitor their completion status and are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the supporting materials required to complete their application are received by Penn Carey Law. 

All applications completed by November 15 will be considered for early notification regardless of when the materials were submitted to LSAC.

Can I apply for an extension of the Early Notification deadline?

No, extensions of the Early Notification deadline cannot not be granted. All applications completed after November 15 will be considered in the regular application pool.

Can I apply for an extension of the standard application deadline?

Yes, if you require an extension of our standard application deadline, please fill out the application deadline extension form.

Please note however, that applications are reviewed only upon completion and as applicants are admitted on a rolling basis, even if your request for an extension is granted, the later an application is completed, the greater the disadvantage to the applicant. Moreover, all applications received after December 15 will automatically be assessed a $110 application fee (regular application fee and $25 late fee.)

LSAC and Application Fees

Do I need to use LSAC to apply to the Law School?

Yes. All applicants must use LSAC.

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Will the Law School waive the requirement to use LSAC for application submission?

Yes, but we only waive this requirement on an extremely limited basis. If you are still interested in a waiver of the LSAC requirement, please fill out an application for a LSAC wavier. If your waiver is granted, you will be provided with further instructions.

What are your application fees?

See Application Information.

Can I apply for a waiver of the application fee for the LLM or LLCM?

Yes, Penn Carey Law will sometimes grant waivers of our $85 application fee for the LLM/LLCM. We cannot grant waivers of any fees charged by LSAC. You can submit a request to be considered for a fee waiver using our online form. Please note we can only consider your application for a fee waiver if you can provide information on how you intend to finance your LLM or LLCM.

Can I apply for a waiver of the SJD application fee?

No, we cannot waive the SJD application fees due to the high degree of administrative cost in processing these applications.

Application Questions – Resume

What should I include in my resume?

 See Application Information.

Application Questions – Letters of Recommendation

Where do I direct letters of recommendation?

You should direct all recommendations to LSAC. You can address them to the Graduate Programs Admissions Committee.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Two. We require two letters and accept up to four. Please note that if your file is otherwise complete, we will review your application once we have received two letters on your behalf. Additional letters do not necessarily strengthen your application.

Who should I ask to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf?

See Application Information.

Application Questions – Transcripts

Where do I direct my transcripts?

You should direct all transcripts to LSAC.

Do I need to use LSAC’s Transcript Authentication Service?


Which transcripts should I send?

You must submit transcripts from any and all post-secondary degree programs, whether or not you completed the program. This includes transcripts from exchange programs.

Can I provide background information regarding my transcripts?

If there is an issue concerning your transcripts that you would like to address regarding your academic record, you may do so in an addendum to your personal statement.

Can I apply for a waiver of the TOEFL/IELTs test?

Yes, if you do not have a TOEFL/IELTS score from the last two years.

If you have taken the TOEFL/IELTS in the past two years and feel that your score is not an accurate reflection of your English language ability, simply explain that in an addendum to your personal statement. but you will not be eligible for a waiver. You may also consider submitting a letter of recommendation that discusses your English language abilities.

Kindly note that Penn Carey Law will not grant admission conditioned upon a future TOEFL/IELTS test score, but you can indicate that you plan to take the test again in your application.

Fill out our online TOEFL waiver form.

I am a native English speaker, do I need to apply for a waiver of the TOEFL/IELTs test?

Yes! All applicants must either submit a TOEFL/IELTs test score or seek a waiver, regardless of the applicants’ background (being a native English speaker is an excellent basis for seeking a TOEFL waiver). Failure to do so will delay consideration of your application. Fill out our online TOEFL waiver form.

When can I apply for waiver of the TOEFL/IELTs test?

You can apply for a waiver after September 1.

Will the Law School grant admission conditioned upon a future TOEFL/IELTS test score or other English language test or evaluation?

No.  Applicants English language ability must be sufficient at the time their application is submitted.

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Application Question - Personal Statement

What should I include in my personal statement and is there a page limit?

See Application Information.

Application Questions – Status and reactivation

Have My Supporting Materials Been Received?

Check here for the status of your application. Please note that it can take LSAC several weeks to process your materials. In addition, it can take our admissions staff a week or two to update your status, especially during November, December and January.

I applied in the past, can I reactivate my application?

You will need to submit a new application and application fee via LSAC, but you may make a request to use previously supplied supporting materials to complete your current application. You can only do this with materials submitted for the prior application cycle. Materials submitted more than a year ago cannot be reactivated. Please check here for the reactivation form.

How do I correct or update my application?

If you need to update your application with a substantive change or update, please email with the updated information. Please note that there is no way to replace your original personal statement or resume. As such, please limit your your update to a brief email that addresses the error, change, or update.

Please note that it can take a week or two for your materials to be uploaded to your application, especially in November, December and January. 

As the application committee reviews applications as they become complete, we cannot guarantee that all updates (especially those received late in the application process) will be considered by the admissions committee.