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General Questions

Can I enroll part time?

Penn Carey Law does not offer a part-time LLM or LLCM program. Therefore, working full-time while enrolled in the LLM Program is not permitted. Some of our upper level SJD students do work while pursuing their SJD.

Do you have flexible start dates?

No. All LLMs begin the last Friday of July, as that is the beginning of our comprehensive, mandatory pre-term program. 

Can I receive a conditional acceptance?

No. All applicants are accepted based on the credentials that they submit via the formal application process.

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Can I get a paid job at the law school to help finance my degree?

Typically not. However, we do offer many opportunities for experiential learning via clinical programs and the public service program.  

Learn more about financing your degree.

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Will I be able to transfer into the JD program from the LLM program?

Penn Carey Law LLM students are welcome to apply to the JD program but are not guaranteed admission. Applicants should not view the LLM Program as a path to the JD Program. Admission to Penn Carey Law’s JD program is extremely competitive.

Penn Carey Law LLMs have two advantages in the admission process in comparison with other transfer students; they are not required to submit an LSAT score, and they are able to submit letters of recommendation from Penn Carey Law professors.

Penn Carey Law LLMs who successfully transfer to the JD program generally receive advanced standing for legal academic work completed in their home countries. Thus, they generally start their JD studies as part of the 2L class, and after spending a total of three years at Penn Carey Law hold an LLM as well as a JD.

Please note, only current Penn Carey Law LLMs may apply to transfer into our JD Program. We do not accept LLM alumni or LLM students from other law schools as transfer students into our JD program.

Please also note that only LLM students who have obtained a law degree prior to enrolling in the LLM Program will be eligible to apply to transfer to Penn Carey Law’s JD Program.  

Learn more about applying directly to the JD program.

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If I complete the LLM program will I be accepted into the SJD program?

Penn Carey Law LLM students and alumni are welcome to apply to the SJD program, but are not guaranteed admission. SJD Program information and admission criteria.

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What classes will I be eligible to enroll in?

LLM students study alongside their counterparts in the JD program, and may choose from a list of over 80 courses per semester.

View a list of courses offered.

Please note that, because our faculty is engaged in cutting-edge scholarship in all fields, our course and seminar roster changes frequently and we cannot guarantee that any given course will be taught in any specific semester.

Please also note that at the instructor’s request some classes may have limited enrollment. Students are placed in these classes through a system that asks students to rank their class selection choices and then randomly assigns students with similar ranking designations in cases of oversubscription.

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