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LLM Career Services

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School’s Office of Career Strategy (OCS) is designed to assist students with their job searches and with enhancing their professional skills.

LLM students, who are considering new employment opportunities, as well as those planning to return to their current employer, are encouraged to utilize OCS.

The Law School has an LLM and International Career Counselor, who organizes programs designed specifically to LLM students, including resume and cover letter drafting, and on networking, an interview skills programs, training in various electronic and other sources to give you information about employers, a mock interview program, and an attorney mentor program. OCS also brings in various speakers throughout the year. In addition, OCS asks recent graduates to come back each year to speak about the job search process from their point of view.

OCS counselors also work with LLMs individually to assist with designing a personalized job search strategy. They will review your resume and cover letters, conduct mock interviews, and answer career-related questions.

OCS also markets our LLM students to the legal community. We send out brochures to firms, corporations, and banks that highlight the advantages of hiring LLMs. In past years, members of our staff have written articles and lectured in legal arenas with the sole purpose of publicizing our LLMs, in the hope of generating more employment opportunities.  In addition, Law School students are welcome to participate in the International Student Interview Program (“ISIP”), hosting in New York City each January. Learn more about ISIP.

However, be advised that OCS does not obtain employment opportunities for students. It is incumbent upon all students, JD students and LLM students alike, to work very hard on their own job searches, making contacts with employers, pursuing opportunities, and following up on all possibilities.

We also want to take a minute to talk to you, frankly, about the great difficulty LLMs have in finding legal employment here in the United States due to significant structural barriers. This is in contrast to the excellent opportunities many of our LLM graduates secure in their home countries or sometimes in a third country.

Each year, some of our LLM students seek employment in the United States, either on a temporary basis (for example, a three to six month period or a one or two year period prior to returning to their home country) or on a more permanent basis. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for LLM graduates from any LLM program in the United States to find a law-related job in the United States today.

Those candidates who are successful at securing employment in the U.S. generally do so by networking with contacts from their own country before arriving in order to set up interviews in the U.S. The successful LLM candidate is typically one who can demonstrate to a U.S. firm that they will be a source of client expansion and income to the firm.

We pass on this information not to disappoint you, but rather to give you a realistic picture of the job market prior to your decision to attend the University of Pennsylvania Law School or any other LLM program in the U.S. It is important to note that many of our LLM graduates leverage their degree into better positions either in their home country, or somewhere else outside the U.S. Our LLM alumni have become leaders around the world in law firms, business, government and other areas.

Regardless of their paths after graduation, LLM students at the University of Pennsylvania find their experience here rewarding both personally and professionally. Many find that their experience here enables them to return to practice in their home country with the benefit of valuable new contacts in the U.S. and a thorough education in U.S. law and practice.