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About the Program

“Law shouldn’t be limited to those who make their career as lawyers.”     Theodore Ruger, Dean and Bernard G. Segal Professor of Law


The Master in Law program at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School educates emerging and accomplished professionals. The program examines legal issues that transcend a wide range of fields and areas of expertise. As a world leader in legal education, the Law School’s ML program provides a unique and unrivaled opportunity for those seeking to advance their careers with valuable knowledge of the law shaping their disciplines.




Master in Law Degree

A Master in Law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School provides a strong signal that you possess expertise in the legal issues that intersect with your professional field and academic interests. Students enrolled in the program’s specialized curriculum will gain a solid understanding of how the U.S. legal system functions coupled with specific knowledge of the law in their areas of interest.*

ML degree candidates take courses in the ML and JD curriculum providing educational interactions with JD students and other professionals and students from across the University.  All students benefit as they develop a rich and diverse professional network comprised of both future attorneys and professionals in many diverse fields.


Certificate in Law 

Our Certificate of Study in Law gives students and professionals from the University of Pennsylvania an opportunity to become immersed in important legal topics in the areas of their academic interests. 

Take a course with us

The Law School welcomes members of the Penn community to engage in our program by taking a course with us. Whether you are interested in exploring the future possibility of law school or in complementing your career or studies in another discipline with the Master in Law degree, we are certain you will find courses and programs of study that interest you and meet your needs.**

For more information about taking individual classes at the Law School, please visit the Registrar’s website.

 All individuals taking classes at the Law School are responsible for reviewing the rules & procedures of exams.

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*The ML degree is intended to provide exposure to critical issues in the law; however it will not permit a student to sit for any state’s bar examination or otherwise allow recipients to practice law. The American Bar Association regulations do not permit the application of ML classes toward a JD degree. Because the ML is intended to provide students and professionals in fields outside of the law with legal education to complement their professions in disciplines outside of the law, career services are not provided by Penn Law’s Office of Career Strategy.

**While all members of the Penn Community are welcome to explore our classes and take any available ML courses, we give registration priority to ML degree candidates (those who have applied and been accepted into the ML degree program). Students who take ML classes and later apply and enter the ML degree program may request inclusion toward their ML degree requirements up to two courses/CUs from Penn Law taken prior to matriculation into the ML degree program.