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Certificate in Law

The Certificate in Law gives professionals and students at the University of Pennsylvania an opportunity to become immersed in important legal topics and issues impacting the areas of their academic disciplines and future professions. An application is required. Penn students must check with their home schools and/or programs to determine their eligibility to pursue the Certificate in Law. 

Certificate Requirements

1. The Certificate in Law requires the successful completion of four (1 CU) Penn Law courses:


  • LAWM 511 - U.S. Law and Legal Methods

Offered in the summer, fall, and spring semesters, LAWM 511 is recommended as the first course non-law students take in preparation for additional Certificate in Law coursework.

Three additional Penn Law courses:

  • Elective
  • Elective
  • Elective

Elective courses may be from either the Master in Law curriculum or upper level JD curriculum. 


2. Those pursuing the Certificate must be members of the University of Pennsylvania community. An Advisor Approval Form is required for all undergraduates, and for graduate students enrolled in programs which require such approval. Click here for form.

3. Certificate candidates, if Penn students, must complete the courses required for the Certificate during their primary course of study.

4. Certificate candidates, if Penn Professionals, must complete the courses required for the Certificate within 4 academic years.

5. Certificate candidates must achieve a grade of B- or better in all courses counting toward the Certificate.

6. Once the requirements are met and the necessary paperwork is completed, the Certificate in Law will be granted by the University of Pennsylvania Penn Law School faculty.


Please Note:

  • Upon request and approval, graduate students may substitute for one of the elective requirements, either a law-relevant course from their primary academic program or a cross-listed with law course from their primary school or graduate program. Requests for substitution are made via email to and are approved by the Academic Director of the ML program.
  •  If a student has taken one or more courses at Penn Law and wishes to enroll in the Certificate Program, the Master in Law Executive Director or his/her designate may authorize the consideration of these courses toward Certificate in Law completion. We strongly recommend contacting the Executive Director before enrolling in Penn Law courses to assure that the courses selected will count towards the Certificate.
  • It is expected that many Law courses will have openings for students in most years. In any given semester, however, students cannot be assured of available spots in all classes. Candidates will be accepted and enrolled into Penn Law courses according to the generally established procedures for non-Law students studying at the Law School. Please click here for additional registration information.
  • Interested candidates can meet with representatives of the Master in Law program to discuss appropriate study plans.
  • Certificate candidates are encouraged to participate in the Penn Law community and to attend events and symposia.

How to Apply

Click here to see application requirements for Certificate in Law