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4 J b pps: LA, NYC, CT, and PA + IP Law Summer Intensive Pr gram

Attachments: Brist l-Myers-Squibb Law Dept., C unsel, C mmercial and Regulat ry (PA).d cx; Nati nal Health Law Pr gram, Sr. Atty (LA).pdf; U.S. C urt f Appeals, 2nd Cir., Direct r f Legal Affairs, Seni r Staff Att rney (NYC).d cx

Nati nal Health Law Pr gram, Seni r Att rney (LA)

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Healthlaw. rg

US C urt f Appeals, 2nd Cir., Direct r f Legal Affairs/Seni r Staff Att rney (NYC)

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District f C nnecticut, US Att rney's ffice, US Att rney f r C nnecticut (CT)

United States Senat rs Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are c nducting an applicati n and interview pr cess f r their rec mmendati n t President bama t fill the vacancy in the p siti n f United States Att rney f r C nnecticut.

If y u are interested in the p siti n, please c ntact Maggie P lachek at Maggie_P lachek@blumenthal.senate.g v f r an applicati n. Applicati ns must be returned t Maggie P lachek thr ugh email by midnight Friday, May 31, 2013. Selected applicants will be br ught in f r an interview by the advis ry c mmittee n Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brist l-Myers-Squibb Law Dept., C unsel, C mmercial/Regulat ry (Ft. Washingt n, PA)

See attachment

Kindly have any interested candidates c ntact Suzanne Hensler directly f r c nsiderati n.

Suzanne Hensler

Manager, Talent Acquisiti n, C rp rate Functi ns

Talent Management & Acquisiti n

ffice: 609-252-6903

Email: suzanne.hensler@bms.c m

Card z Law's Patent Law Summer Intensive: A Rig r us Intr ducti n t Patent Law (July 15-19, 2013) (NYC)

H using and academic/CLE credit available.

Click here f r m re details.

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