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PLES 2016

Penn Law European Society: Brussels 2016

The 2016 PLES Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium from June 24-26, 2016!

Activities will include sightseeing around the capital city of Belgium, sampling traditional culinary offerings, an academic discussion, and a gala dinner as well as plenty of other opportunities for socializing and getting to know your fellow Penn Law alumni!  Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Penn Law Dean Ted Ruger who will be participating in and speaking at the conference.

Please note that this conference is open to ALL Law School alumni -  LLMs and JDs alike (as well as partners and family).  As PLES was informally re-named the Penn Law “Everywhere” Society by our President during the 2015 meeting, all alumni from outside Europe are welcome to attend too!

Louis-Hubert Pacco GL’10 (, Jan Bosmans GL’09 (, and Giorgio Castaldo GL’06 ( have kindly agreed to serve as the organizers for PLES 2016.  Thank you Louis, Jan, and Giorgio!

You may also contact Rachel McQuaid L’11 at with any additional questions or requests for more information.