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Fall Semester 2L Firm Events

The basics:

Many private sector law firms are currently holding virtual networking events for Penn Law 2Ls. Check the Bulletin Board to see which firms are coming, research the employers and check out the law firm promotional materials to help decide which events to attend. You should not try to attend all events — go to events that fit into your schedule, are hosted by firms that interest you, or just to try something new.


What are they?


  • Hosted by law firms interested in recruiting Penn Law students 
  • Virtual panels and networking events are for 2Ls

Why go?

  • Demonstrate interest for 2L recruiting
  • Learn about a firm’s areas of practice
  • Gain insights to differentiate firms
  • Get a sense of the firm’s culture
  • Meet and network with attorneys & recruiters

Which ones?

  • Go if you want to learn more about that particular firm or geographic market
  • Go if the topic of the event interests you
  • Go if you’re just trying to figure out what firms are all about
  • Research the firm in advance to decide if you’re interested
  • Attend as many or as few as you like
  • Remember to RSVP

Top 4 reasons to attend employer events:

  1. This is the start of 2L recruiting. Law firm attorneys and recruiters want to get to know you as part of their 2L summer recruiting program.
  2. Practice networking – a skill that will be essential to you now and throughout your career.
  3. Get answers to your questions and learn about different law firms, practice areas and the interviewing process.
  4. Make connections with attorneys and law firms in your areas of interest.


  • RSVP: Please RSVP according to the invitation. Once you RSVP, you are expected to attend the event — even if it is a virtual event. The firms plan their programming based on the number of students participating and they keep track of attendance. If your plans change, and you are no longer able to attend an event, email the recruiter to let the firm know as promptly as possible.
  • Dress code: For virtual events, business casual unless otherwise specified. 
  • Professionalism: Turn on your camera if possible, stay muted unless you are speaking, and resist the urge to multitask. Make the most of these events by researching firms beforehand, preparing some questions, and actively participating in the discussion.

Stay tuned:

Bookmark the Bulletin Board and the Events Calendar so you don’t miss any invitations. The calendar will be updated throughout the semester.