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JD/MD Perelman School of Medicine

The JD/MD is a joint-degree offered by Penn Law School and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Students admitted to the JD/MD program typically complete both degrees in six years.

The University of Pennsylvania is one of a select few universities with top-ranked schools in both law and medicine. This joint degree enables students to have an unprecedented academic experience at the intersection of law and medicine.


Degree Requirements
In order for a student to receive both degrees, he/she must complete the independent degree requirements of each program.  For JD requirements, please see  For MD requirements, please see

Each school will make its own determinations as to which courses/credits from the sister school will count towards their degree with the goal of maximizing the interdisciplinary nature of the joint degree.  Penn Law will count up to four courses/credit hours (evaluated on a case-by-case basis) taken at the Perelman School of Medicine towards the JD.  The Perelman School of Medicine will accept the JD degree as fulfillment of the Scholarly Pursuit requirement towards the MD. 

Joint degree students must also satisfy the requirements of Penn Law’s Public Interest Center’s Pro Bono Program and fulfill their law senior writing and professional responsibility requirements.

The student will be awarded each degree as it is completed.


Application Process
Candidates for the JD/MD apply separately to Penn Law and the Perelman School of Medicine. Because students will, most commonly, spend their first two years at the Perelman School of Medicine (see Program Sequencing, below), the student may submit their JD application concurrently with their MD application or they may apply for the JD during the Fall of their first or second year in the School of Medicine. 

The MCAT will be required for the Perelman School of Medicine application. Applicants for Penn Law may take the GRE, GMAT or LSAT.


Program Sequencing
The suggested course of study for JD/MD students is as follows:

  • Years One and Two: in residence at the Perelman School of Medicine
  • Years Three and Four: in residence at Penn Law
  • Year Five:  in residence at Penn Law in the Fall; in residence at the Perelman School of Medicine in the Spring (Student would graduate Penn Law)
  • Year Six: in residence at the Perelman School of Medicine (Student would graduate Perelman School of Medicine)

Other sequencing options may be available on an ad hoc basis.


Tuition and Financial Aid
Students are billed law tuition in semesters where they are in residence at the Law School and School of Medicine tuition is billed when the student is in residence at the School of Medicine.

Financial aid decisions are made independently by each school.

Because students who pursue this joint degree may be in residence at the Law School for fewer than the six semesters of a typical JD student, any Law School scholarship or loan will be determined proportionately (and if the student applies to the joint degree after matriculation at the Law School, their Law School grants or loans will have to be reassessed).



Students with questions about the JD/MD program can contact:

  • Prospective students with questions specific to the MD: Francia G. Portacio, MPH, Associate Director - Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Programs,
  • Prospective students with questions specific to the JD:  Renee Post, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, or Amanda Aronoff, Director of Cross-Disciplinary Programs & Academic Options,

More information can be found on the Perelman School of Medicine website here.