March 29th | 6pm – 9pm

Native American Women: Governance and Survivance

  • Panel discussion on the historical and contemporary roles and experiences of Native American women as culture keepers, military leaders, political chiefs, and medicine women
  • Featured Speakers: Lynn Malerba (discussing her role as a 21st century female chief); Melissa Tantaquidgeon (discussing her position as a mid-20th century medicine woman)
  • Lisa Brooks (discussing the historical role of Weetamo, a 17th century female Wampanoag leader)
  • Alyssa Mt. Pleasant (discussing Jugonsaseh, the Onondaga woman identified as one of the founders of the 12th century Haudenosaunee Confederacy)
  • Karenne Wood (speaking about the events leading up to the recent news of six Virginia Indian tribes being granted federal recognition)


All Ivy Dinner

  • NALSA will host the 2018 All Ivy Dinner at the University of Pennsylvania


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