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Center for Asian Law


Shyam Balganesh

The Constitutionalization of Indian Private Lawin THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF INDIANCONSTITUTIONAL LAW (Sujit Choudhry, Madhav Khosla & Pratap Mehta eds., 2016, Forthcoming) (forthcoming 2016) 
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Codifying the Common Law of Property in India: Crystallization and Standardization as Strategies of Constraint, 63 AM. J. COMP. L. 33 (2015).

Gandhi and Copyright Pragmatism, 101 CALIF. L. REV. 1705 (2013). 

Jacques deLisle

China’s Challenges: Reform Era Legacies and the Road Aheadin CHINA’S CHALLENGES(Jacques deLisle and Avery Goldstein eds., Univ. of Pennsylvania 2015)

Law and the Economy in Chinain ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF THE CHINESE ECONOMY (Gregory Chow and Dwight Perkins eds., Routledge 2014)

Damages Remedies for Infringement of Human Rights under U.S. Law, 62 AM. J. COMP. L. (SUPP.) 457 (2014).

Law and Democracy in China: A Complicated Relationshipin DEMOCRATIZATION IN CHINA, KOREA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA?: LOCAL AND NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES 126-140 (Shelley Rigger, Lynn White and Kate Zhou eds., 2014).

China’s Legal Systemin POLITICS IN CHINA: AN INTRODUCTION (William A. Joseph ed., 2014).

Eric Feldman

Compensating the Victims of Japan’s 3-11 Fukushima Disaster, 16 ASIAN-PAC. L. & POL’Y J. 127 (2015).

No Alternative: Resolving Disputes Japanese Style, in DISPUTE RESOLUTION—ALTERNATIVES TOFORMALIZATION, FORMALIZATION OF ALTERNATIVES? (Joachim Zekoll, Moritz Bälz, & Iwo Amelung, eds., Brill 2014).

Fukushima: Catastrophe, Compensation, and Justice in Japan, 62 DEPAUL L. REV. 335 (2013).

Why Patients Sue Doctors: The Japanese Experience, 37 J. L. MED. & ETHICS 792 (2009).

Law Across Borders: What Can the United States Learn From Japan?, 32 HASTINGS INT’L & COMP. L. REV. 795 (2009).