Professor Anita Allen

Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy
General James Cartwright Retired Vice Chairman JCS
Colonel James Cook United States Air Force Academy, Dept of Philosophy
Mr. William Craven Chairman of Federal Systems
Ambassador Dell Dailey President Dell Dailey and Family
General John  Davis Major General - U.S. Army
Mr. John Dehn West Point’s Center for the Rule of Law
Professor Randall Dipert University of Buffalo
Professor Claire Finkelstein Penn Law
Professor Kevin Govern Ave Maria School of Law
Professor Oona  Hathaway Yale Law
Dean Duncan Hollis Temple Law
LTC Leonard Jones U.S. Army Reserve
Professor Derek Jinks Penn Law, Visitor
Mr. A. Edward Major New York lawyer
Professor Larry May Vanderbilt
Mr. Christopher Melenovsky Penn Philosophy
Professor Jens Ohlin Cornell Law School
Professor Stephen Perry Penn Law
Ms. Michelle Richardson ACLU Washington office
Dr. Harvey Rubin University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Lee Tien Electronic Frontier Foundation
Mr. Neal Ungerleider Independent journalist and contributing writer to Fast Company
Professor Polk Wagner Penn Law
Mr. Raha Wala Human Rights First
Professor Christopher Yoo Penn Law
Mr. Jules Zacher Attorney-at-Law