Required Readings

Download all readings here (as of 4/9/15)


Session 1: Fiduciary Duties and Moral Obligations: Addressing Corruption in a Multicultural Environment

Philip M. Nichols, To Whom Does a Defense Business Owe a Duty When There is an Opportunity to Pay a Bribe Abstract Paper

Nancy Hite-Rubin, A Corruption, Military Procurement and FDI Nexus?, in Greed, Corruption, and the Modern State: Essays in Political Economy (Susan Rose-Ackerman and Paul Lagunes eds., forthcoming).

Jessica Tillipman and Vijaya Surampudi, The Compliance Mentor-Protege Program: Improving Compliance in Small to Mid-Sized Contractors Abstract Paper

Christopher Yukins, Mandatory Disclosure: A Case Study in How Anti-Corruption Measures Can Affect Competition in Defense Markets Abstract Paper

Transparency International, Report, Building Integrity and Countering Corruption in Defense and Security: 20 Practical Reforms (2011). Excerpt 

Session 2: Assessing Legal Standards in the Defense Industry from an Ethical Perspective

Robert Latiff, Ethical Issues in Defense Systems Acquisition, in Routledge Handbook of Military Ethics (George Lucas ed., 2015). 

Duncan MacIntosh, The Sniper and the Psychopath: a Parable in Defense of the Weapons Industry. Abstract | Paper

Kevin Govern, Procurement Integrity Abstract Paper

Charlie Cray, Lee Drutman, Corporations and the Public Purpose: Restoring the Balance, 4.1 Seattle J. for Social Justice (2005).

Session 3: Ethical Dilemmas in Expertise and New Technologies

George Lucas, Legal and Ethical Precepts Governing Emerging Military Technologies: Research and Use, 5 Utah L. Rev. (2013).

Michael Davis, Ethical Issues in the Global Arms Industry: A Role for Engineers Abstract | Paper

Patricia H. Werhane, Silo Mentality and Its Ethical Challenges in the Defense Industry [and elsewhere in all organizations] Abstract | Paper

Philip Brey, Anticipatory Ethics for Emerging Technologies, 6 Nanoethics (2012). Excerpt

Session 4: Should Universities Partner with the Defense Industry?

Association of American UniversitiesNational Defense Education and Initiative: Meeting America’s Security Challenges in the 21st Century (2006). Excerpt

Joshua Newberg and Richard Dunn, Keeping Secrets in the Campus Lab: Law, Values, and Rules of Engagement for Industry-University R&D Partnerships (2002). Excerpt

Henry Gioux, The Militarization of US Higher Education After 9/11, 25.5 Theory, Culture, & Society (2008). Excerpt