Professional Ethics in National Security Law and Policy

Friday, October 4, 2013

Conflicts between the norms by which professionals are governed and more general national security norms are currently widespread in professional life. Journalists may feel obligated to divulge information they regard as vital for a fully informed public, yet the norms of national security bar disclosure. Lawyers, doctors and psychologists have been asked to help implement policies that conflict with standards of conduct in their processions. Medical researchers seeking to publish research findings are often pressured to withhold information that could have a dual military use. This conference will explore conflicts between professional and national security norms as they arise in six different professions: journalism, law, medicine, mental health, sciences, and business.

This program has been approved for 7 hours of for ethics credit for Pennsylvania lawyers. CLE credit may be available in other jurisdictions as well. Attendees seeking CLE should bring separate payment ($70 fee, or $35 fee for public interest/non-profit attorneys) - cash or check- made payable to “The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.” If you are not attending the entire conference and are seeking CLE credit, the fee is $15 per credit hour.