Professor Kenneth Anderson American University
Professor Ronald Arkin Georgia Institute of Technology
Professor Peter Asaro

The New School for Public Engagement; Stanford Law School

Ms. Katherine Baker

Department of State

Mr. Charles A Blanchard

Arnold & Porter, LLP; former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer for the U.S. Air Force

Professor William W. Burke-White

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Mr. William Craven Federal Systems Inc
Professor Mary Cummings Duke University
Ms. Bonnie Docherty Human Rights Watch; Harvard Law School
Professor Claire Finkelstein University of Pennsylvania Law School
CAPT (Ret) Robert G. Fuller, Jr. Former Navy Jag and Penn Law Alum
Ms. Ashling Gallagher University of Pennsylvania
Professor Kevin Govern Ave Maria School of Law
Professor Oren Gross University of Minnesota Law School
Mr. Paul Haaga CEO of NPR
CAPT USN (Ret) Professor Mark Hagerott US Naval Academy Center for Cyber Studies
Mr. Christopher Harland International Committee of the Red Cross
Professor Michael Horowitz University of Pennsylvania
Ms. Jessie Ilkson Department of Defense
Dr. Aaron M. Johnson University of Pennsylvania
Professor Deborah Johnson University of Virginia
Professor Vijay Kumar University of Pennsylvania
MAJ GEN (Ret) Robert Latiff University of Notre Dame
Professor Sharon Lloyd University of Southern California
Professor Duncan MacIntosh Dalhousie University
Professor Christopher W. Morris University of Maryland
Professor Jens Ohlin Cornell University School of Law
Professor Daniel D. Perlmutter University of Pennsylvania
Professor Connie Rosati University of Arizona
Professor Harvey Rubin University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Ilya Rudyak University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Paul Scharre Center for a New American Security
Professor Matthias Scheutz Tufts School of Engineering
Professor Noel Sharkey University of Sheffield
Professor Markus Wagner University of Miami
Professor Wendell Wallach Yale University
Ms. Gay Walling University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Stephen Xenakis

Center for Translational Medicine; Physicians for Human Rights

Mr. Jules Zacher Council for a Livable World