Mr. Eric A. Banrevy Guerra  Former Corporal, United States Marine Corps
Ms. Denise Byrom Counselor, TRIO Veterans Upward Bound
Ms. Andrea Caylay Leiden University
Mr. William R. Craven Federal Systems, CEO
Professor Anne C. Dailey University of Connecticut Law School
Colonel Kenneth DeTreux Commanding Officer NROTC Philadelphia Consortium
Ms. Sally Drumm Founder and President, Milspeak Foundation
Ms. Arlene Fickler Attorney at Law
Professor Claire Finkelstein University of Pennsylvania Law School
Dr. Edna B. Foa University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine
Dr. M. Gerard Fromm Austen Riggs Center, Erikson Institute for Education and Research
Captain Robert G. Fuller, Jr. Former Navy JAG and Penn Law Alumnus
Dr. Dan Gottlieb Psychologist, Host “Voices in the Family”
Professor Kevin H. Govern Ave Maria School of Law
Mr. Paul G. Haaga, Jr. Former Acting President and CEO of NPR
Dr. Paul Heaton Senior Fellow and Academic Director, Quattrone Center
Dr. Charles Hoge M.D., Colonel (Ret.), U.S. Army
Dr. W. Brad Johnson United States Naval Academy, Department of Leadership, Ethics and Law
Dr. Terence M. Keane U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Director; Behavioral Science Division
Professor Duncan MacIntosh Dalhousie University, Department of Philosophy
Dr. Andrew McAninch University of Pennsylvania Law School
Captain Shannon Meehan Author, Captain (Ret.), U.S. Army
Professor Christopher W. Morris University of Maryland, Department of Philosophy
Professor Stephen J. Morse University of Pennsylvania Law School
Dr. John P. Muller Austen Riggs Center, Staff Psychologist
Mr. Eric Newhouse Author & Journalist
Professor Jens Ohlin Cornell University Law School
Lt. Colonel Douglas A. Pryer U.S. Army
Ms. Lari Robling Producer, WHYY
Professor Connie Rosati The University of Arizona, Department of Philosophy
Mr. Ilya Rudyak University of Pennsylvania Law School
Ms. Diane Sandefur Director, TRIO Veterans Upward Bound
Dr. Paula P. Schnurr U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
Major Evan Seamone U.S. Army Reserve, Mississippi College of Law
Dr. Jonathan Shay Clinical Psychiatrist
Professor Nancy Sherman Georgetown University, Department of Philosophy
Ms. Licia Sky Trauma Therapist
Dr. Jane Tillman Austen Riggs Center, Director of the Erikson Institute
Ms. Cara Tripodi Sexual Trauma and Recovery Inc.
Mr. Jonathan Todd University of Pennsylvania Law School
Dr. Bessel van der Kolk Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute
Dr. Mark Wilson Villanova University, Ethics Program
Mr. David Wood The Huffington Post
Dr. Steve Xenakis Center for Translational Medicine; Physicians for Human Rights
Dr. David Yusko University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine
Mr. Jules Zacher Attorney at Law, Council for Livable World