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Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice

Quattrone Center Grants for Penn Faculty

The Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School is a non-partisan, national research and policy hub producing and disseminating research designed to prevent errors in the criminal justice system. With affiliated faculty from across the university, the Center takes an interdisciplinary, data-driven, “systems approach” to understanding the most crucial problems in the justice system and proposing solutions to enhance fairness. We are currently accepting proposals to fund original research projects designed to generate new knowledge that can improve the U.S. criminal justice system.


Eligibility for Funding and Proposal Process


This Quattrone Center Grants Program is open to all Penn faculty, and we have previously funded proposals from faculty in numerous schools and departments, including Law, SAS, SEAS, Nursing, and Medicine. To submit a proposal, visit the link below:

Submit a proposal


Proposals should include a narrative of no more than 3 pages that describes the proposed research question and its significance, data and research methods, and proposed deliverable (journal article, law review article, dataset, etc.). The narrative should also include a list of project personnel, projected completion date, and requested funding amount. Please separately attach the CVs of key personnel and a short itemized budget listing or describing key components of the proposed budget.


Proposals will be selected through a peer review process. Submissions will be judged using several criteria, including: 1) relevance to the mission of the Quattrone Center; 2) project originality and innovation 3) feasibility of the research plan and appropriateness of methods; 3) ability of the proposed research team to conduct the work as described; 4) potential for the research to generate real-world impact; and 5) likelihood that the project could catalyze future, follow-on research.


Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.


Priority Areas

Although we will consider proposals on any topic related to the Center’s mission, we are particularly interested in proposals that address the following issues: 

  • The plea-bargaining process
  • Measuring and improving prosecutorial quality
  • Pretrial reform
  • Overcriminalization and sentencing policy
  • Forensic science
  • White collar crime


Budget Guidance

We anticipate funding multiple projects each year with an average award size of roughly $50K per project. Budgets can be used to fund faculty time, research assistants or other support staff, data acquisition costs, and other research-related costs. Indirect costs and travel costs are not allowed.


Additional Requirements

Grants recipients may be asked to provide progress reports to allow the Center to fulfill its reporting requirements to donors and present research at Quattrone Center events or Advisory Board meetings. Grant recipients must also agree to allow the Quattrone Center to publicize research produced through this program.


For questions regarding the grant program, please contact the Quattrone Center Academic Director, Paul Heaton.