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Women Leaders in Law & Policy on the Global Stage (2016-2019)

This video series presents conversations with women who are dealing with critical cutting edge law and policy issues. 

About the Series

“Women Leaders in Law & Policy on the Global Stage” is a video series that presents conversations with women who, as experts in law and policy, are dealing with the critical, cutting-edge issues of our time. These situations — armed conflict, forced migration, sustainable development, climate change, and the human rights of children and the disabled — are where the voices of women are most in jeopardy of being silenced.

The women featured in this series have occupied myriad roles on the international stage over the course of their careers—legislator, judge, academic, government minister, political activist, and pragmatic thinker with non-governmental organizations. They have been among the few female leaders and change makers who have occupied seats at the tables where matters of import to women are discussed and decided. Their conversations with us confirm that women’s leadership of the kind they exemplify has never been more important than it is at the present moment for the achievement of equality, development and peace in the world.

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