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Accelerating Women’s Economic Participation (2017-2018)

Penn Law Student Fellows will provide research support to the United States Department of Commerce and USAID on their global programs on women’s economic empowerment.

The initiative will identify challenges in the law that hinder women’s economic participation, particularly in gaining employment and undertaking entrepreneurship, in countries where there is most room for impact, such as the BRICs. Moreover, it will seek to identify best-in-class examples, such as Canada, to highlight those interventions that translate law into action, promoting women’s economic participation and opening up avenues for increased economic empowerment. Legal restrictions impede women’s full and equal participation in the economy and limit economic growth in their communities and countries. Gender equality in work cannot be possible without gender equality in society.



Student Fellows

  • Tala Al Jabri, WG’18 - Saudi Arabia
  • Beatriz Brown, LLM’18 - United Kingdom
  • Shane Fischman, L’19 - United States
  • Claire Glossop, WG’18 - Canada
  • Gabriella Goncalves, LLM’17 - Brazil
  • Talya Kornitzer, LLM’18 - Canada’s Indigenous Women
  • Kimberly Panian, L’18 - Mexico
  • Amal Sethi, SJD’19 - India
  • Leah Wong, L’18 - United States & Nigeria