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Mapping Gender Equality

A 50-State Mapping of Paid Family Leave and Sexual Harassment Laws.

Working with Associate Dean Rangita de Silva de Alwis, Penn Law students collected and curated relevant protections across the United States. This study was last updated in June 2020. A link to the database can be found here.  The full report can be found here.




The laws and policies tracked included:
  • Details (if applicable) of paid family leave law
  • Days of paid family leave
  • Sexual harassment laws
  • Protect against sexual orientation/ gender identity/ gender expression discrimination?
  • Number of employees for state law to apply
  • Who receives protections?
  • Training requirement?
  • Limiting forced arbitration?
  • Limiting non-disclosure agreements (NDA)?
  • Additional information such as pending legislation
Research notes:
  • Federal law provides sexual harassment protections to those employees working in an environment with a minimum of fifteen employees. Several state sexual harassment statutes cover employers with fewer than fifteen employers, but no state could require more than fifteen employees.
  • The study specifically accounted for paid family/parental leave. Pregnancy disability leave is a separate set of laws.
Student Researchers:

Cassandra Dula L’21 and Allie Gottlieb L’21