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Alumni: LawKey & PennKey Account Help

Both accounts share the same username, but are activated separately. We recommend you pick different passwords for each account.

LawKey & PennKey? What’s the Difference?

Your LawKey is used to access your Penn Law Email account (Office 365 login). Your PennKey is used for the Alumni Commons and other resources provided by the central campus. 

LawKey PennKey
  • Alumni Email (Office 365)


How Do I Change my Password?

LawKey (Penn Law Email/Office 365 Account)
  • If you know your LawKey credentials:
  1. Sign in to with your work or school account. Once signed in, click on the Settings icon and then select “Change your password.”
    LawKey Reset Link Screenshot




Help! I Forgot my Password or Need Help Setting up my Alumni Email Account!

LawKey (Penn Law Email/Office 365 Account)
  • All alums should configure their self service password reset options in Office 365. You will be prompted to configure this when you login. Once configured, if you forgot your LawKey and need to reset, you can do so using the Office 365 password reset tool.

  • If you did not set up self service password reset in Office 365 and need help resetting your LawKey password (or never setup your alumni email account), please submit our LawKey password reset request form:
    IMPORTANT: this form requires that you login with your PennKey first to verify your identity. If you forgot your PennKey, information is below for how to reset it. 
  • If you need additional help, please email or call ITS at (215) 898-2679.
  • Never had a PennKey, or can’t remember the password?
    • If you graduated in 1975 or later:
      Activate your PennKey online using the PennKey-ASAP application. You will be required to successfully complete a brief questionnaire concerning your former academic career at Penn.
    • If you graduated prior to May 1975:
      Request a PennKey Setup Code using the Online Setup Code Service. When you successfully complete the PennKey Setup Code Service process, you will be issued a PennKey Setup Code via U.S. Mail to your address of record. You will then be able to use that code to activate your PennKey login.

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