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Box Apps

Box has a suite of applications that extend it’s base features. Two we recommend are BoxEdit and the Box Mobile Application


  • BoxEdit is small application that allows you to edits files from Box in their native application on your computer.
  • To install go to the Apps section of Box and choose to install it.
  • To use it, click on file on you Box page. It will open a preview pane, above the preview is the “Edit Button,” click this button to edit the document
  • A window will appear asking if you want to lock the file. Check lock file.
  • The document will open in it’s native application if installed. So if you open a Word document, BoxEdit will launch the file in Word.
  • When done making changes, save the document by using Ctrl+S or by using the save function in Word. This will trigger BoxEdit to upload the file back to box. This creates a new version of the file and makes the latest version the current one.

Box Mobile App

  • Box has free mobile apps for the major platforms, Android, iOS and BlackBerry.
  • The mobile app can be downloaded in each of platforms AppStore or Marketplace
  • Simply search “Box” and install it on your device
  • Before signing in to the mobile app, you must enable Single Sign-On (SSO) in your account settings on the Web-App
  • To do this click on the gear button next to your name then click “Account Settings”
  • In account settings under “Create an external password” enter in your desired password. This will be password you use to sign into the mobile application

Using the Mobile Application

  • Upon opening the Box app you will be presented with a login screen. Choose “More Login Options”
  • Enter your email address without the “law” part. Example:
  • Upon entering your emai you will be promted to login with your PennKey. Upon a successful log in you will be asked to create a 4 digit pass code, enter this in twice.
  • Now you will be in the box mobile app. It will have all your files and folders that are contained on the web, but available to you on the go.