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Sharing & Collaborating

  • Box enables you to share individual files or folders by collaborating with other box users.
  • When you want to share a single file, your best option is to share it using a link.
  • This link can be protected by a password and expiration date to prevent unauthorized users from accessing a shared file.
  • If you want to share multiple files, we recommend creating a folder and sharing that folder through Box’s collaboration feature.
  • Collaborating on a folder allows users to view, download and upload files to the folder from their own Box account.

Sharing a file

  1. From the homepage, click on the “Share” link of the file you want to share.
  1. A new menu will appear. Click on “Access”.
  1. Click on “Set Password” and enter a secure password. 
  2. If desired, you can also set an expiration date for the link by clicking “Set Expiration”.
  1. When done, copy the link from the text box and email to the person you are sharing with. This person DOES NOT need to be a Box user to view or download the document.
  2. As a reminder, do not include the password by email as it is not a secure practice.

Collaborating through a folder

  • From the homepage, click on share link on the desired folder
  • A text box will be available, enter the person’s email address you want to collaborate with
  • IMPORTANT: When sharing with a member of the Penn Law/Penn community, be sure to use the person’s @upenn address, not their address. Example:
  • The folder will change from yellow to blue when the folder is shared.
  • All files and folders contained in the shared folder are accessible by the users collaborating on the main folder.