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Share an Outlook calendar with other people

You can share your Outlook calendar with other people in several ways. You can send a snapshot of your calendar, or send an invitation to subscribe to your calendar in an email message. Optionally, you can also grant permission to allow others to modify and/or add events and appointments in your calendar.


How do I give someone access to view my calendar?

In most cases, you will want to send an invitation to subscribe to your calendar. This allows the other person to view the most recent version of your calendar at all times. If you add or remove appointments and events, people with access to view your calendar will see those updates. 

There are some occasions where you will only want to share a copy of what your calendar looks like at a given time, but not see future updates. For these instances, it is useful to send a snapshot of your calendar.


What can people I’ve shared my calendar with see?

When you share your calendar, you can choose what details the other person sees. 

  • Full details - shows the time, subject, location, and other details of all items in your calendar
  • Limited details -  shows the time, subject, and location, but no other information
  • Availability only - shows only the time of items on your calendar

Once your calendar is shared, you can always change which details are viewable by setting calendar permissions


How do I give someone access to edit my calendar?

There are several ways to grant other people access to edit your calendar. The most simple way to do this is:

  1. Share your calendar
  2. Change the permissions for that person to Permission Level: Editor

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