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Clinic Recordings: Guide for Students

All student recordings are captured with the Zoom app on the clinic PC


  1. Login to the PC with your shared student account (Printed, detailed instructions are in the clinic rooms)
  2. The Zoom application should be set to record to the local PC drive which then automatically uploads to your shared Sharepoint site.
  3. Check in the Zoom settings before starting the recording, to make sure it is set to record locally to C:\ClientMeetingsRecordings. You can do this by going into the Zoom settings, clicking on the Recording tab and checking the recording location. 
  4. Be sure to test the audio in the Zoom application by navigating to the Audio tab in the Zoom settings and clicking Test Mic. After clicking Test Mic you will be prompted to speak, and then when the test is done, it should play back the audio of you talking. 
  5. Go to the Video tab in Zoom settings and make sure the Clinic room’s camera is connected to Zoom, which it should be. 
  6. Now you can begin recording. Exit out of the Zoom settings and click Record at the bottom of the Zoom window. After your recording ends, it will be accessible from the C:\ClientMeetingsRecordings folder on the PC temporarily before it is uploaded to your shared Sharepoint site. 

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