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Classroom Technology: Gittis Rooms


The following also applies to the following rooms:

Tanenbaum Rooms T142, T320 & T345
Silverman S280, S147
Fitts Auditorium and GK70

All Gittis rooms plus Tanenbaum rooms use an AMX Control Panel touch screens to control the classroom technology. While the room technology differs slightly from room to room, the set up and how to control everything remains consistent.

Classroom PC 

To begin using the classroom technology, the first thing you will do is tap on the touch panel to wake the screen. You will be greeted with an image like this:


Tap anywhere to continue.

  • Tap “PC” to select the computer
  • Tap anywhere within the PC feed window to make the PC full screen
  • Tap in the lower left hand corner of the screen to return to the control panel




To send the PC to the projectors:

  • Tap the PC button if it’s not already selected
  • Tap “Center” to send the PC to the center projector
  • Tap “Side” to project to the side screen

You can project to both screens at the same time by selecting both options. By default, “Send Audio” will be selected for you. If you do not wish to send audio through the room’s system you may tap this button to disable it. 

Installed Programs

The classroom PC’s all have Firefox installed on them as the default Internet browser. They also have Microsoft Office installed (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), and VLC Media Player for media playback (DVD, digital video and audio). If you wish to playback a VHS tape or Blu-ray disc, please contact ITS Support.

If you wish to blank out the screens you have the option of doing so from the touch controls.

  • Select “Return to Controls” if you are in the PC’s full screen mode
  • Next to the “Center” and “Side” buttons for the projector you will see a button titled “no show.”
  • Select this for one or both screens to show a black image on the projector(s)


This is useful for when you are checking your email and do not want sensitive information displayed on screen for everyone to see. To make the PC return to the projector select “no show” again to disable it.


Room Controls


You can control every room function using the touch screen. If you are using the PC in full screen mode, tap “Room Controls.” From here you will see a list of items along the bottom of the screen including lighting controls, microphone level, and PC volume (Room Volume). If you’re in G213 or G214 you have the additional option to control the room shades.


Connecting a Laptop

Projecting a laptop to one or both of the screens is very similar to projecting the classroom PC.

On the left side of the podium you will find video and audio hookups. Plug in the video cable to your laptop’s VGA output. For Mac users, please use the supplied VGA to mini Display Port adapter found in the drawer under the keyboard pullout in the podium. 

  • Plug in the 3.5mm audio cable into your computer’s headphone jack
  • Adjust your laptop’s audio level appropriately
  • If you are not planning on showing any video or audio content then it is not necessary you connect the audio cable
  • On the touch panel tap on the “Laptop” button
  • Tap “Center,” “Side,” or both to project your screen to the projectors.


Projecting PC and laptop simultaneously

You can project the PC and your laptop to both screens at the same time. This is handy if you wish to have a document open on one screen for reference while you show a presentation. To do this simply follow the steps above with a few modifications. In this example I will send the PC to the Center screen and the laptop to the Side screen.

  • Tap PC, then tap Center
  • Connect your laptop via the supplied cable
  • Tap Laptop and then tap Side


Exit and Shutdown


When you are finished using the classroom PC and/or projectors, please shutdown the room system so the room will be ready for the next user. To do this, please first log off of the classroom PC.

  • On the PC, navigate and click on the Windows icon in the lower left-hand corner. Then click “Log Off.
  • Return to the touch panel menu/room controls
  • Tap on “Exit” in upper right hand corner
  • Tap “Shutdown” from the options that appear next



This will automatically raise the screens, turn off the projectors, bring up the room lights, and reset any room control settings you may have changed (if you muted the classroom PC, for example). You do not need to do anything else after shutting down. Please do not shut down the classroom PC.

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