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Connecting Mobile Devices to AirPennNet



  1. Open the Settings app, open the Wi-Fi menu and select Connect to AirPennNet.
  2. The AirPennNet wizard will automatically open. If the wizard does not come up, open up a web browser and navigate to (be sure to use http://).iOS SecureW2 Screen
  3. All users can enter their PennKey and Password and click JoinNow.
  4. After you enter your information open the Settings app, you will see a “Downloaded Profiles” notification
  5. Click on “Downloaded Profiles” and follow the prompts to finish installing the profile.
  6. When you are finished open the Settings app, then open the Wi-Fi menu to verify that you’re connected to AirPennNet.









  1. Open the Settings app, click on WiFi, and select Connect to AirPennNet.Android JoinNow Screen
  2. Open up a web browser and navigate to (be sure to use http://). The AirPennNet wizard should automatically open. 
  3. Click the Download button in Step 1 to get the SecureW2 app from the Google Play Store
  4. Install the Secure W2 App from the Play Store.
  5. After it has installed return to your phones browser with the JoinNow page up.
  6. Click the JoinNow button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Enter your PennKey and Password and press Continue
  8. If you have entered your credentials correctly you will be notified that you have been successfully connected.








For more information please visit Penn’s AirPennNet guide at 

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