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Recommendations for Foreign Travel

Be sure to contact ITS at or 215-898-2589 with IT related travel questions.

Before you go:

  • Backup all data, and take only the minimum data necessary. 
  • Consider changing your PennKey and LawKey passwords for the duration of your travel
  • Contact ITS for assistance in enrolling in Penn’s Two Factor service for PennKey: (Make sure to print out sufficient single-use codes in case your phone is lost or stolen).
  • Work with ITS on a methodology for remote identity proofing in the event that a device is lost or stolen and new credentials must be issued.
  • Ensure best practices are in place for all mobile devices: encryption*, PIN or strong password protection, auto-lock after inactivity, auto-wipe after failed login attempts, device location services, and remote wipe.
  • Consider attending a Global Support Service awareness session on International Risk Management.

While you’re there:

  • Avoid connecting 3rd-party USB and/or similar devices to your workstation
  • Do not access systems or accounts that are not absolutely necessary
  • Give preference to HTTPS for web services over HTTP
  • Do not leave computers, phones and other electronic devices unattended (e.g., in hotel room) if at all possible. 

When you return:

  • Monitor accounts (requires working with ITS and notification and/or registration of travel)
  • Consider a wipe & re-install OS or restore from trusted backup. Carefully consider the transfer of any new data on to the restored system and scan before transfer

 Additional considerations:

  • Consider taking a loaner laptop from ITS and take only the required data needed for your trip. Reserve a loaner through ITS
  • Consider whether or not it is feasible to use disposable (e.g., “burner”) accounts for email, file sharing and any other required services
  • Remember that not all internet connections are equal, and give preference to cellular over WiFi if available and coordinated with your provider in advance.  Many carriers will rent a cellular WiFi hostpot that will allow you to use cellular data via WiFi.  This is not only convenient, but it is safer than using other WiFi.

* Please note that you may be asked to relinquish or decrypt resources by local or national government officials.


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