Create a “Panel” in a Zoom Meeting

December 08, 2020

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Spotlighting Multiple Participants

Zoom supports a “Spotlight” feature whereby you can create a panel of up to 9 participants. When this feature is enabled, your participants will see only those other participants who are spotlighted by the Host or Co-Hosts. 

  • Spotlight a panel of students on-call
  • Spotlight one or more guest speakers
  • Group presentations
  • Mock trial scenarios
  • Keynote Speakers

How to use Multiple Spotlights

  1. Click on the blue icon on any participant’s video thumbnail.
  2. Select “Spotlight for Everyone”
  3. To add additional participants to the Spotlight, select another participant and click on “Add to Spotlight”

To cancel the spotlight, select “Remote Spotlight”

Gallery View vs Speaker View when using Spotlight

Spotlighting one or more participants will force every participant into “Speaker View.” As long as they remain in speaker view, they will see the spotlighted participants large on their screen. Participants can still switch into “Gallery View,” and view all participants at once. 

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