New Zoom features: Spotlighting and Breakout Rooms

October 06, 2020

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Zoom has introduced two new features that may be useful for teaching.

Important note: YOUR Zoom client and all of your STUDENTS’ Zoom client must be updated to the most recent version in order to see these features.

1. Spotlight up to 9 participants
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  • You can now add up to 9 participants to spotlight in Zoom. 
    Select one person to “Spotlight for Everyone”zoom-spotlight for everyone
  • Then select another person a click “Add to Spotlight”zoom add to spotlight

2. Self-selecting breakout rooms
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This new feature lets you create breakout rooms that students can join themselves. This is a great alternative to pre-assigning breakout rooms. All you have to do is create the rooms and then students choose which room to join. If you want them to join a specific room, you can share a word document with them or paste the room assignments in the Zoom chat.

breakout rooms select

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