#261 PennKey Enhancements

August 04, 2015

Information Systems & Computing, in partnership with Penn’s IT community and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, is implementing enhancements to PennKey applications and processes. These enhancements make it easier to create a PennKey and to select a strong PennKey password that’s easy to remember.

All users will see minor updates to Penn WebLogin screens to add clarity, including help for users who have forgotten their PennKey username or password. Members of the Penn community acquiring a PennKey, and those creating or changing a PennKey password, will experience a streamlined process, as well as improved usability and interactive tools to help choose a strong PennKey password.

Penn community members with existing PennKey passwords don’t need to do anything at this time. Those creating or changing passwords will see new password rules designed to strengthen the security of personal files and Penn resources. These rules encourage combining four or more unrelated words to form a long password that’s hard to crack and easy to remember. An interactive strength meter will provide real-time feedback on candidate passwords.

For more information about PennKey, consult the PennKey website. For more on the rules for new or changed PennKey passwords, see the guidance document.


Outage window for PennKey-related applications: August 4, 2015, 8 pm – midnight.

During this time, the applications that enable users to create a PennKey and to change their PennKey password will be unavailable. Penn WebLogin will remain in operation, and use of existing PennKeys to access other PennKey-protected resources will not be affected.

Updates to Penn WebLogin: August 6, 2015, 7:00 – 7:30 am.

During this period, the screen appearance will change but service will not be affected.

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