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  • Congratulations! If you have any questions about how to accept or reject an offer, or cancel your remaining callbacks, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Fill out the “2019 Recruiting Season Progress Survey” on your Symplicity homepage.
    • We are best able to share relevant information with you if we know how your recruiting season is progressing thus far.
  • According to Penn Law’s Interim Policies Relating to Callbacks & Offers:
    • “Employers offering positions for the following summer should leave those offers open for at least 28 days following the date of the offer letter or until December 30, whichever comes first.”
    • Candidates should reaffirm these offers within 14 days from the date of the offer letter, if an employer requests such affirmation in its offer letter. Employers that have requested this reaffirmation may retract any offer that is not reaffirmed within the 14-day period.
    • “Offers made prior to Penn Law’s on-campus interviewing program (“OCI”) should not expire until 28 days after OCI commences.”

For more information please visit our page on Accepting and Rejecting Offers.

  • Are you planning on pursuing public sector opportunities?
    • YES
      • If you are actively pursuing positions with public interest or government organizations, you may request a private sector employer extend your acceptance deadline until as late as April 1. Candidates may hold open only one private sector offer in such circumstances. Employers are encouraged to grant such requests.
      • Also schedule an appointment with an OCS counselor to best strategize this course of action.
      • For more information please visit our page on Accepting and Rejecting Offers.
    • NO
      • On to the next question!


Has it been two weeks since your call back interview?

  • YES
    • Send a follow-up email to your interviewer/the recruiter expressing your continued interest in the position and offer to send any additional materials they may need.
    • If you are concerned about your progress to date, and would like to schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss a more comprehensive post-OCI strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment directly with a counselor through Symplicity
    • In addition to OCI, be sure to take advantage of other recruiting opportunities available to you, including resume collections, job fairs, independent applications, and September OCI.
  • NO
    • Wait and send a follow-up email to your interviewer/the recruiter once two weeks has elapsed.
    • In addition, please feel free to contact us or make an appointment with one of our career counselors to strategize for next steps.