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Advance Registration Instructions & Add/Drop

Fall 2021 Advance Registration:  June 21 - July 16

Spring 2022 Advance Registration: TBD


Enter course requests on Penn InTouch.

During advance registration course requests are being collected. The course scheduler does not run until the advance registration period closes. Your chance of being placed in a course is not affected by when you enter your requests; however, we suggest that you not wait until the deadline to enter your requests.

Preparing to Register

Review the registration materials carefully. Use the block schedule to avoid time conflicts, and request a full schedule of courses, up to or above your desired credit load. The scheduler will enroll you in no more than 15 credits, however, you can request enrollment in well over 15 credits of coursework.  During add/drop, we can increase your credit max to 17; please email to request this increase.

Be sure to choose alternate courses in case your primary requests cannot be satisfied.

The Scheduler

Keep a copy of your course requests!

At the conclusion of advance registration, the scheduler will enroll you in no more than 15 credits; the scheduler will stop processing your requests when you have reached this max. The Registrar’s Office will approve requests to increase a credit max to 17 (max per term) after advance registration.  

Each school at Penn has a priority scheme that gives preference to students based on their division and year of study. The Law School gives enrollment priority to 3Ls and LLMs (with a few exceptions). 

The Registrar reserves the right to cap the number of students by class category (i.e., 2L, 3L, LLM, ML).  Such decision will be made in consultation with the faculty member and Deputy Deans and communicated to students as soon as possible. We will post/update this information under the “Notes” column on the Course List spreadsheet.

How the scheduler works:

  • The scheduler works through course requests in rank order.  The system will look to satisfy your first primary request.  If your first primary request closes, the scheduler looks to place you in your alternate request BEFORE it moves to your second request.  
    • A note on multiple sections - if a course has multiple sections (e.g. Appellate Advocacy, Corporations, Professional Responsibility), the scheduler will look to place you in an alternate section (assuming the section you request closes) UNLESS you select “N” under any section
  • The scheduler will not enroll you in courses with time conflicts.
  • If the alternate course is full, the system tries to place you in another section of the alternate course (unless you refuse this option). It will not create a time conflict with your other requests. The scheduler then moves onto your next primary request.

  • Steps 1-4 are repeated for each course request until you reach your desired credit load (15 credit max) or until all of your requests have been considered.

Suggestions for getting the courses you want:

  • Take advantage of Advance Registration to register for courses. Penn InTouch will not be available to you again until classes begin. If you fail to submit your course requests during advance registration, you will be permitted to request courses (via email to but will be enrolled in open courses only; you cannot add to the waitlist of a closed course until the start of the add/drop period.
  • List alternate requests for each of your primary requests.
  • Request courses in the order of their importance to you.
  • Avoid time conflicts. However, an alternate request may be in time conflict with its primary request.
  • Do not enter a course more than once as a primary request. You do not need to list a primary request as a subsequent, lower number primary request (e.g. first primary and then third primary); if you can’t get into a course using a higher ranked number, you won’t have success getting into it using a lower ranked number.

Hold on Your Account:  You will not be able to enter course requests if you are on financial or student health hold.  If you are on a financial hold, you will need to resolve your University financial obligations by calling the Student Financial Information Center at 215-898-1988. Likewise, the University’s Student Health Services requires that all full time students are fully immunized. Any student not complying with these requirements will have a hold placed on your account. The Law School cannot lift these holds!    

Student Schedules

Student schedules are available approximately two weeks after the close of advance registration.  Once schedules are available, you can view your Law courses on Canvas; non-law courses are not hosted on the Law Canvas site.  You can always confirm your full course roster on Penn InTouch.

The Registrar reserves the right to cap the number of students by class category (i.e., 2L, 3L, LLM, ML).  Such decision will be made in consultation with the faculty member and Deputy Deans and communicated to students as soon as possible. We will post/update this information under the “Notes” column on the Course List spreadsheet.  


  • Add/Drop runs:
    • Full semester courses — first two weeks of the semester
    • Clinics/Externships - first week of the semester
    • Quarter courses (half-semester courses) - first week of the semester
    • Bok courses - first class
  • During add/drop, you can add open course and drop courses using Penn InTouch.
  • If a course is closed, you will be registered from the waitlist (see waitlist procedures below - waitlist procedures will be different for fall 2020 due to our limit on in person gatherings and remote attendance).
  • After the end of add/drop, drops for all courses require the permission of the instructor. If you drop any activity (course, seminar, etc.) after October 15 (fall)/February 15 (spring), a W (withdrew) will be noted on your transcript next to the activity that was dropped.
  • Students are not permitted to enroll in a course after the add/drop period.

Waitlist Procedures:

Any course, seminar, clinic, or externship which reaches its max capacity will generate a waitlist.  The waitlist is comprised of students who requested the activity as a primary request during advance registration and were closed out. An alternate request will not generate a spot on the waitlist.

The waitlist is generated from the scheduler results and students are listed in priority order of the initial request.

We conduct all waitlist activity via email.  We will not take any requests to add on to a waitlist and will not have to confirm your place on a waitlist.

We will work through all waitlists each day and send out emails (after 12:00 pm) to those who are able to be enrolled. You will have until noon the following day to accept your offer to join the class. 

Once we have worked through the waitlist, the class will be open for students to register directly on Penn InTouch.