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Transcript Requests, Diplomas, & Other Forms

Below are links to forms often requested by students and alumni. Where indicated, please return the forms to the Registrar’s Office.

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
Registrar’s Office
3501 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6204
215-898-6427 |


The transcript is the official record of coursework and grades at the Law School, by term. It also displays degrees awarded, honors earned, and academic notes.

To Order Online:  Current students and alumni can use Penn InTouch to place orders and pay for transcripts using a Visa or MasterCard. In addition, currently enrolled students who are eligible to make purchases using their PennCard will also be able to charge their orders to their Student Billing Account. To place an order, log in to Penn InTouch and select ‘Order transcripts’ under ‘Academic records’ on the left hand menu.

To Order By Mail: Due to Covid-19 our office is working remotely. As such, we are unable to process requests for paper transcripts at this time. You may request electronic and hard copies through the University via PIT. 

If you do not have access to Penn InTouch or if you prefer to pay by check, please print out the Transcript Request Form , fill it out completely, enclose a check for $10 per transcript (both for official and unofficial requests) made payable to the “Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania” and send to the above address.

To Order In Person:  If you are on campus, please stop in the Law School’s Registrar’s Office during regular business hours. Blank order forms are available in our office. Transcripts will be available the following business day. If you need ‘same-day’ service, you can visit the University’s Registrar’s Office, located in the Franklin Building, first floor.

Cost of your order: $10.00 per transcript

Please also note:

  • For security reasons, transcripts cannot be emailed or faxed.
  • Transcripts will be sent via first-class mail, within 24 to 48 hours of our receiving your request.
  •   If you wish us to send the transcript via priority mail (FedEx, etc.), you must provide us with either a billing account number (and the carrier’s name) or with complete credit card information (full name on the card, credit card number and the expiration date). Also, please keep in mind that FedEx cannot deliver to a P.O. Box address.  

DIPLOMAS - Replacements & Requests for Notarization

The Office of the University Secretary at Penn manages all diploma requests, including requests for replacement diplomas and requests for diploma notarizations

Link the Office of the Secretary’s Diploma Information .

To order a replacement diploma:

  • A replacement diploma will be issued upon request and can be ordered by submitting an Application for a Replacement Diploma (.pdf).  Please see below for name change requests.
  • Penn does not issue electronic copies of diplomas. A replacement displays the signatures of the current officials but shows the original date of graduation. A statement reading “Replacement Diploma Issued on (month, date, year)” will be printed at the bottom of the diploma to indicate that it is not an original.

The fee for a replacement diploma is $100, and the processing time is between eight and ten weeks.  The Law School will cover the replacement cost for our transgender, non-binary, gender nonconforming, gender variant, and non-cisgender graduates who need a replacement diploma to reflect a name and/or gender change.  Please submit an Application for Diploma Name Change form  (.pdf) to the Law School Registrar. 

For additional questions, please contact:

Office of the University Secretary
University of Pennsylvania
1 College Hall, Room 211 
Philadelphia PA 19104-6303
Phone: (215) 898-7007
Fax: (215) 898-0103 


Complete the Letter Request Form for the Registrar’s Office to prepare any of the following letters or forms on your behalf:

  • Letter certifying that you are currently enrolled and in good standing at the Law School
  • Letter certifying you were previously enrolled at the Law School
  • Letter certifying that you graduated from the Law School
  • Practical Training Letter
  • Loan Deferment Form (form to be supplied by student)
  • Any other form you may need completed 

If you would like us to send your letter directly to a third party, please provide a mailing address. 

SENIOR WRITING - Faculty Agreement to Supervise (.pdf)

Requirement and Goals (more information on the above form)

Each JD student is required to participate in a scholarly research and writing project in either the second or third year. The requirement is intended to assure that every student demonstrates proficiency in scholarly research and writing under close faculty supervision. A senior writing project should provide faculty-student intellectual interchange and an opportunity for constructive faculty criticism regarding avenues of research, analysis, organization, and style. The writing may take the form of a single long paper or several shorter papers, as the supervising faculty member shall determine. The criterion that the project be “scholarly” is intended to exclude routine advocacy but not necessarily (in the discretion of the supervising faculty member) advocacy that results from a thorough and objective investigation of governing authority.

It is expected that the faculty member, whether full-time or adjunct, will provide close personal supervision and comment and that the student will undertake revision and further writing in light of the critiques. The senior research and writing experience will involve the following steps, each with faculty consultation:

  • Selection of the topic,
  • Submission of a first draft, and
  • Submission of a final draft that meets, to the faculty member’s satisfaction, the standard of proficiency in scholarly research and writing (after revisions in light of faculty critique of the first and any subsequent drafts that the faculty member requires). 


Independent Study work may be awarded credit under the supervision of the faculty. Such work typically involves an expository research paper, creation of a brief, or, on occasion, faculty research assistance. Students wishing to undertake work as an independent study should complete the Independent Study Form, which requires the signature of the faculty. Completed forms should be returned to the Registrar’s Office. Independent studies usually are granted two or three semester hours’ credit. 


The purpose of these seminars, typically student-initiated, is to permit an interested group of highly motivated second and third year students to pursue a subject in greater depth than might otherwise be possible in the regular course curriculum, without too great a diversion of faculty time from competing curricular demands. Thus, the students bear the primary responsibility for defining the subject, preparing the syllabus and reading list, conducting research and discussion meetings and completing and criticizing any written work. Each such seminar must be conducted subject to the ultimate supervision of a member of the law faculty, whose consent will have to be secured by the student participants. The responsibilities of the faculty supervisor are to assist in preparing the seminar syllabus and reading list, to assure that the goals and conduct of the seminar are of substantial educational value, and to evaluate student performance for the record. No such independent seminar may be taken for credit unless a faculty supervisor is found and his/her approval secured for the seminar syllabus.   Furthermore, unless specifically authorized in accordance with the policy on independent journals seeking official recognition, no credit will be awarded for an independent research seminar associated with the operation of a student-run journal that involves tasks such as article selection, copy-editing, cite-checking, proofreading, or other work preparing the scholarship of others for publication.