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Student Group Event Planning (20-21)

Below are the Spring 2021 guidelines for planning and hosting an event on behalf of your student organization. While the protocols and guidelines from this semester represent a departure from the past, our core message to student groups is consistent: Student Affairs is here to support all of our student clubs, whether near or far. Please reach out to us as needed - we are happy to brainstorm with you and offer counsel where we can. Note: this page will be updated to feature 2021-22 guidelines by late July/early August.

Three Steps for Planning a Student Group Event

Step One:

Check out the Virtual Events Best Practices Guide our Conferences and Events Team put together. 

Step Two:

Once you have a general framework for your event, and when you would like to host it, fill out the appropriate form below. 

General Event Proposal Form - Use this form for any virtual event you would like to host. 

Petition for Singular Event Form - Use this form only if your event could involve an in-person food pick up or delivery component. Please note, this is for rare circumstances and will require approval from the University’s Campus Health office, based on the nature of your request.

Request to use Law School Space - use this form if you’re hoping to host an in-person event IN the Law School building (subject to room availability and with all COVID rules - mask wearing, social distancing, etc. - in place). 

For in-person off-campus events (e.g., ice skating, meeting up at a park, etc.), please know that the University’s Office of Student Affairs, in conjunction with Campus Health, has a separate proposal process.  As of Feb. 10, 2021, given the climate, this central office has not approved the requests it has received.  This may change in the future, but please be mindful of this. 

Step Three:

Student Affairs will review your proposal and be in touch with you. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa Clerval in the meantime with any questions or concerns. 

Quick Links and Resources 

  • Use of University Fund Guidelines (Updated to Include COVID-19) Restrictions
    Please review this memo for relevant guidelines as to how you can use University funds in support of your group’s mission. This memo includes guidelines that are applicable at all times as well as specific Spring 2021 rules.
  • Speaker Gifts
    • Click here to view the catalog of available Penn Law branded gifts to send to your guest speakers. 
    • To request gifts, fill out the form, here
  • Room Reservations 
    • Request a Law School room to hold a small group meeting or to livestream events, here. Please note, due to COVID-10 precautions room availability will be limited and may change over the course of the semester. Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance.  
  • Scheduling 
  • Funding
    • Administrative Funding (e.g., Student Affairs, OCS)
      See descriptions of funding and apply for all types HERE
    • Equal Access Fund 
      Separate from administrative funding, if individuals seek support to help pay for club activities (e.g., dues, fees, etc.), these club members can fill out our
      Equal Access Fund form. This fund provides small, individual grants to ensure all students can participate fully in Law School life and activities. These grants are typically under $100. 
    • External Funds (e.g. law firm donations)
      Please get in touch with Andy Maynard and Lizzy Sarshik in our Alumni Relations Office before contacting external organizations. Alumni Relations can advise on outreach strategies, organizations to target, etc. 
    • Student Government (CSR) Funding
      CSR oversees the Law School’s portion of the University’s General Fee revenue, and makes budget allocations to student groups. For questions regarding your group’s CSR budget allocation, please email CSR Treasurer Caitlin Kim ( 


Questions? Contact Melissa! 

Melissa Clerval - Student Events Coordinator