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Policies & Procedures

A Legal Education at Penn Law 

Penn Law takes pride in its faculty, students, and staff. The relatively small size and the superior credentials of our student body, a faculty of first-tier scholars who care about teaching, a strong, self-perpetuating tradition of students working together collegially, and an accessible and supportive staff all go into the remarkable mix that makes Penn a great place to go to law school.

As you know, or will soon discover, a legal education is demanding. If its benefits are to be maximized, the student needs to participate actively, and accept the many challenges both inside and outside the classroom that lead to personal and professional growth. The opportunities you will have before you are vast and varied.

The educational process takes place within a frame of policies, guidance, rules and expectations. This Digest of Policies and Procedures sets out the “hows” and “whys” and “whats” of many of the opportunities that will present themselves while you are here. It also sets out our expectations of conduct and rules of academic behavior.

Take a look at the menu on the left, and you will see the range of topics covered. It’s been developed over time, in response to a growing academic program, students’ interests, and a desire to be certain that information is available quickly when it is needed. Questions on policies and procedures will arise, of course.