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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Responsibility for disability accommodations is shared between the University’s Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) and the Law School. SDS evaluates a student’s request and approves appropriate accommodations; the Law School implements accommodations.

Students seeking disability accommodations for their Law School responsibilities can obtain such accommodations through a two-step process:

Step One. A student first requests accommodations through SDS. Most students will be required to submit documentation to SDS for review. Students are encouraged to begin this process as soon as possible; it can take SDS up to 4 weeks to review documentation and approve accommodations. SDS will notify the Law School of any approved accommodations.

Step Two. Once the Law School receives approved accommodations, it will begin to implement them. The Law School retains discretion as to how to implement any approved accommodation. An accommodation that fundamentally alters the educational program may not be implemented in its entirety, but the Law School will work with the student and SDS to provide all reasonable accommodations. Extended exam time accommodations will only be implemented on exams that are less than 24 hours.

Questions about the Law School’s implementation of approved accommodations can be directed to the Dean of Students.