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Emergency Evacuation Policies

Alarm System

Upon the sounding of the alarm system, all students, faculty, staff, and visitors must proceed immediately to the nearest emergency exit and follow the instructions of emergency monitors. Leave quickly any time the alarm sounds, even if it is believed to be a drill. Do not use elevators when the fire alarm system is activated.

Fire Safety and Regulations

Fire drills are conducted several times a year in the Law School building. Notices are posted several days in advance, announcing the date and approximate time of the drill. Students, and all Law School personnel, will evacuate the building via the nearest exit and then convene across 34th Street, opposite Silverman Hall.

Shelter in Place

The University requires security action and drills to prepare for airborne hazards or other emergencies that would require Shelter in Place.  If the alarm is sounded for a Shelter in Place situation, monitors at the exits will direct all to go immediately to floors two through five in Biddle Law Library, Tanenbaum Hall. Once in Tanenbaum Hall, follow the instructions of the monitors and keep inside this space until an “all-clear” announcement is given.