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Recording of Classes

Students May Not Record

No student is permitted to record in the classroom unless the professor has given that student specific permission to do so, which is generally not given without the consent of the other class members.

Faculty Requests

Information Technology Services (ITS) will audiotape classes at the request of faculty members. Reasonable advance notice is required, and taping done on the expected absence of a number of students. Typical circumstances for taping include holding class on a day of religious observance, or scheduling a make-up class for a time at which a number of students have previous commitments. The absence of individual students due to illness, callbacks, etc. typically does not serve as a cause of taping.

Students Away for Prolonged Absence

Students who will be away from school due to illness, religious observance, or emergency may contact the Dean of Students to see if permission may be arranged for ITS taping of arrange with a classmate to audiotape classes. Faculty members, as noted above, must approve. The Registrar must be informed of a student’s prolonged absence prior to recording classes.

Disability Accommodation

Students whose Office of Disability Services’ recommendations provide for the audiotaping of classes must contact the Dean of Students.