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XII. Punishment and Publication

A.   For each act of misconduct in violation of the Code of Student Conduct and Responsibility, a student may be punished by any regulation of the offending student’s connection with the University. Possible punishments include, but are not limited to warning, reprimand, probation, exclusion from one or more specified Law School activities, deprivation of credit, suspension or expulsion. Punishment shall be determined by a majority vote of the Committee. 

B.  If necessary to redress the misconduct, the Committee may require notification of the judgment of the Committee be provided to parties who have been subject to the misconduct. 

C.  Upon a finding of guilt, the Committee may order that any part of the proceedings, including the judgment and opinion, be entered in the student’s official Law School file.  The judgment and opinion may be shared with appropriate Law School faculty and administrators, and, in accordance with applicable law, the judgment and opinion may be disseminated to bar examiners, employers, and other supervisors of legal work. A statement summarizing the nature of the misconduct and its punishment shall be published upon final judgment without identifying the accused student, except where, for good cause stated in a report to the Committee on Student Conduct and Responsibility, the Dean or Dean’s representative decides to delay said publication. If the finding is “not guilty,” no record shall be made in the official file of the student of the charge or the proceedings related to it. (Faculty Minutes, February 10, 2020).

D.  Punishment must bear a reasonable relationship to the severity of the misconduct found to have occurred in light of aggravating and mitigating circumstances. In sentencing, the Committee may take account of an offending student’s record of prior misconduct or the absence thereof, as well as the student’s veracity and cooperation or absence thereof during the Committee hearings.