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Anonymous Grading


The anonymous grading system has long been a central feature of the Law School's examination system. It allows free debate and intellectual interchange between faculty members and students with the assurance that the examination will be graded objectively. Students are cautioned to ensure that there is nothing in their examinations that could possibly disclose their identities to an examination reader.


Upon a student’s completion of that semester’s course evaluations, the Registrar's Office assigns each student an examination number to be used throughout the examination period. The numbers are changed each examination period. The sequence of the numbers is random; that is, the numbers are not assigned in alphabetical order nor do they have any other particular significance. For example, in elective courses, it is impossible to tell from the numbers whether a student is a second year or third year student. The list of examination numbers is maintained by the Registrar under strict security. It is only after all the grades are formally transcribed that an instructor may be informed of the grades awarded to particular students.