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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Referrals of JD Students


The following students shall be referred to the Committee on Academic Standing by the Dean of Students: a) students who receive two or more grades of “F”, three or more grades of “C”, or one F and two C’s; b) students who fail to complete all first-year credits during the first year in residence; c) students who have not devoted themselves fully to the study of law, as identified by their attendance at substantially less than all of their scheduled classes; and d) students with more than 6 credits outstanding at the conclusion of the academic year.

Students who receive three or more grades of B- or below and are not otherwise described above shall be referred to the Committee on Academic Standing by the Dean of Students unless the Dean of Students certifies that the student is in compliance with an academic supervision program established by the Director of Academic Support.

Additional students may be referred to the Committee on Academic Standing at the discretion of the Dean of Students. (Faculty Minutes, February 10, 2020).

Committee Review


Once a student is referred, the Committee shall review the student’s record and shall give the student an opportunity to meet with it, in order to consider whether that student shall be permitted to continue at the Law School.

Committee Action

The Committee may deny the student permission to continue in the School or may permit the student to return to the School on such conditions as it deems appropriate to the student’s successful completion of the Law School program.

(1) Permission to Continue Upon Receipt of Certain Grades

A student who has completed all first-year credits but has received two or more grades of “F”, three or more grades of “C”, or one F and two C’s shall be permitted to continue at the Law School only if the Committee finds, in its discretion, that there is reason to expect substantial improvement in academic performance. Permission to continue shall be upon such conditions as the Committee deems appropriate.

(2) Conditions

Conditions to be imposed by the Committee may include, among others:

(a) repetition of one or more courses in which the student has received the grade of “F”;

(b) limitation of the number of hours for which a student may enroll in subsequent semesters;

(c) enrollment for one or more semesters in addition to the normal three-year program; and

(d) completion of outstanding credits.

(e) Notwithstanding requirement 2(b), a student who receives two or more grades of “F” in the first-year courses and who is permitted to continue in School must complete additional credit hours. The number of credit hours required for graduation in (d) is increased by the number of credit hours in courses for which the student received the grade of “F” minus the number of credits in the lowest credit bearing class for which the student received a grade of “F.”

Subsequent Referral to the Committee

In the event a student is subsequently referred to the Committee under any other provision of these rules, the Committee shall take into consideration, in its disposition of the student’s case, the extent to which the student has complied with the Committee’s recommendation.

Action by Dean of Students

The Dean of Students may take additional steps deemed appropriate to offer institutional support to those students whose grades place them near the bottom of their class in any semester, including referrals to the Academic Support program, and the Office of Career Strategy.

Referrals of Upper Level JDs


JD students who have completed their first-year in residence shall be referred to the Committee on Academic Standing when they:

a) fail to complete an upper level course in which they are enrolled;

b) receive grades of “F” in more than seven hours of credit during their second and third academic years; or

c) fail to satisfy the degree requirements after six or more semesters.

Committee Review

The Committee shall take such action as it deems appropriate. The Committee may deny permission for the student to continue, with or without conditions. Any student permitted to continue in the School after completion of six full-time semesters may be required to complete at least eight hours of credit in any additional semester.