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Student Organizations’ Use of Law School Space for Parties or Other Events

Permissible Use of the Law School’s Space

Students and student groups are permitted to use space at the Law School for educational events, social events organized by authorized student groups, and presentations and lectures directly sponsored by an authorized student group, attended by a good portion of its membership, and of general interest to the Penn Law community.

Students may also request to use space at the Law School for other purposes, such as events for community groups with which a student group is working closely, organizations on which a student sits as a board member, personal events, etc. The Dean of Students, in conjunction with the Director of Facilities, will decide if the building can be used for a given purpose. However, Penn Law cannot, as a non-profit educational institution, use its limited, tuition-driven resources to support other non-profits, community organizations, or personal use. Accordingly, fees will be charged for these types of uses of the building. The Director of Facilities can share the fee schedule, which includes a discount for other non-profit organizations, with interested parties.

Coordination through Offices of Student Affairs and Facilities Required

All events held at the Law School will be coordinated through the Office of Dean of Students and the Facilities Director. These events include student socials, lectures, catered or non catered meals, picnics, meetings or any gathering of Law School staff, or other Penn students, Penn faculty or Penn staff, and university or community groups.

Scheduling Meeting Space

Students seeking to use a Law School room for a meeting of a group of students must complete the Events Form, available under Student Affairs on the Goat site. Room requests will be handled by the Assistant to Student Affairs in as timely a manner as possible. Please note that requests to use study space during the reading period are made to the Registrar’s Office (for use of classrooms) or the Circulation Desk in Biddle (for Biddle study rooms).

Scheduling Major Events

Completion of On-Line Events form REQUIRED

All students or student groups planning an event at the Law School MUST complete the on-line Events Form, available under Student Affairs on the Student Commons. All requested information is required before the Law School will consider assigning you a date and/or rooms and space for your event. You may also be required to meet with the Assistant for Student Affairs and/or with the Director of Facilities before permission is granted. In these meetings, directions for requirements for hosting an event will be provided to you.

Calendar Permissions

Events likely to attract large and/or overlapping audiences may not be scheduled to occur simultaneously at the Law School. These events include the Sparer Conference, the Sadie Alexander Conference, the EJF Auction, the Segal Lecture, The Gruss Lecture, conferences held by the Institute for Law and Economics or the Law Review and the Law School Journals, the Shils Lecture, the Keedy Cup, and the Roberts Lecture, or events scheduled by the Dean.

Calendar reservations confirmed by Julie Colleluori will normally determine which conferences or events may be held at a particular time, with the earlier applications usually obtaining the timeslot. Occasionally, the Dean of Students or the Facilities Director may give priority to one event over another, despite an earlier reservation.

Budgetary Compliance

All students and student groups planning an event that will incur expenses such as catering, printing and publication costs (e.g., invitations, posters), mailing costs, equipment rentals, or ITS media support (see below) must have a coordinated plan for funding all aspects of the event. The Student Affairs Office is available to consult with you on this planning.

Auxiliary Services

ITS: Media Support

On the Events Form, students will indicate whether the event will require media or technology support, including microphones, audio or video taping or playback, sound amplification, etc. Events that are, by the decision of the Dean of Students, primarily in support of the educational program or have no revenue resources may have their ITS support provided on a complimentary basis.

However, groups being charged for use of the Facility generally, or groups charging fees for entry, or groups hosting a large number of non-Law School attendees, may be charged for ITS services. Please consult with the Student Affairs Office in advance of your event to see if you will need to keep charges for ITS support in mind as you build a budget.

Security, Housekeeping

Guard service, housekeeping, and maintenance services are available during regular hours but will be charged at an hourly rate if an event has extended times or requires extra cleaning. Caterers and rental equipment companies should be told that they are responsible for cleaning and returning all Law School property to its original location as well as ensuring it’s proper use and care.

Alcohol Consumption; Smoking

Student social groups will need to fill out an alcohol consumption form prior to the event if alcohol is being served. These forms are available in the Student Affairs Office (GK-103), 9am-5pm. All events in the Law School are non smoking.