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Faculty Business Meetings

Subject to the limitations stated herein:

1. Three JD students and one LLM student are invited to attend all faculty business meetings.

2. In addition, students who are serving on a faculty committee are entitled to attend that portion of a faculty business meeting during which any report of that committee is being considered.

3. Students who are entitled to attend a faculty business meeting are entitled to present their views orally or in writing and to make and second motions, but students who are entitled to attend a meeting pursuant to paragraph (b) must confine themselves to matters which are pertinent to the committee report.

4. Two of the students entitled to attend faculty meetings under paragraph (a) above shall, except as to matters involving individual faculty or students, present or prospective, be entitled to vote at such meetings to the same extent as faculty members, provided that the student shall have been chosen from among or by members elected to the Council of Student Representatives in an election in which two-thirds of the eligible students shall have participated, or in a direct election in which two-thirds of the eligible students shall have voted. The determination of whether two-thirds of the eligible students have voted or participated shall be made separately for each constituency, if election to the Council of Student Representatives or for representatives to the faculty business meeting, as the case may be, is not conducted on a school-wide basis.

5. Student votes at faculty meetings may be cast only by the annually-designated 2L and 3L C.S.R. representatives. Voting by proxies will not be permitted.

6. Motions made by students pursuant to paragraph (c) have the same status as motions made by a faculty member; namely, they may be displaced by a substitute motion, modified by an amendatory motion, voted upon, referred to committee for further study, or tabled.

7. In addition to the regular procedures available for the reconsideration of any faculty action, 1 actions taken by the faculty during that portion of a faculty business meeting which students are entitled to attend may be moved for reconsideration at the request of a majority of the members of the Council of Student Representatives as follows: The convenor of the Council of Student Representatives will inform the Dean if a majority of the members of the Council request reconsideration. The request shall be made within two days after the meeting at which the faculty action in question was taken but the Dean may extend that time for good cause shown including that the matter does not require immediate resolution. If made promptly, the request will have the status of a motion to reconsider, moved and seconded. Ordinarily, the action taken by the faculty will be suspended pending action on the motion for reconsideration, but if the Dean determines that it is desirable, then the action will take effect immediately. The motion shall come up for consideration at the next regular faculty business meeting unless the Dean determines it is desirable to expedite consideration. If faculty action is not suspended pending reconsideration, the Dean will take such steps as may be possible to expedite consideration of the motion to reconsider. A matter shall not be subject to reconsideration more than once under this procedure.

1 On March 19, 1973, a statement of procedure for reconsideration of faculty action was adopted. It stated, in salient part:

“On any issue which results in a closely divided vote at a faculty business meeting there shall, upon the request of a member of the minority (made at or promptly after the meeting), be reconsideration thereof if the request is based on the grounds that the issue is of critical educational significance and that a short delay may make it possible to formulate a resolution which will command wider acceptance.”