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In recognition of the need to balance the interest in student participation with the interest in the uninhibited disclosure and discussion of material information:

1. Except when the faculty for good cause votes otherwise, students are denied access to pertinent information and are not entitled to attend that portion of a faculty business or committee meeting during which there is discussion or action, concerning:

a) Any faculty member who is already associated with the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, including any person who is associated as a visiting professor in the year of discussion or the preceding year;

b) Any individual who is or has applied to be a member of the student body.

2. In all cases in which students participate in the discussion of individual faculty or students, present or prospective, all pertinent information concerning these matters which is disclosed to them shall be kept strictly confidential. The words “pertinent information” mean: the identity of faculty and students, present or prospective, under consideration; data relating to these individuals, and the identity of informants, debate, and votes with respect to any of the foregoing. In the event that any informant prefers that information not be disclosed to any student participants, the faculty interrogator and the faculty members of the relevant committee shall exercise their discretion to determine the manner in which the faculty shall receive and discuss this information.

3. The faculty reserves the right to meet in closed session for other reasons upon determination by the Dean after consultation with the faculty that it is in the best interests of the Law School. In that case, the Council of Student Representatives shall be promptly informed of the decision to hold the meeting.

4. Section 2 may be repealed or modified by a majority vote of those faculty members present and voting on a motion to repeal at two successive regularly scheduled faculty meetings.