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Studying at another Law School

General Policy

Educational Advantage

The administration of Penn Law has discretion to approve a request for a third year law student to study at another law school when, apart from personal reasons, the student can demonstrate that there will be significant educational advantage in studying law at another university, whether in the United States or abroad. The administration may take budgetary and financial considerations into account in deciding whether or not to permit students to study at another university. No more than five students may be given permission to study law at another university for academic reasons in any one academic year. (Faculty minutes, March 19, 1984)

Personal Reasons

In rare cases, students may be given permission to study elsewhere for personal reasons, which may include medical emergencies, the location of a spouse, or other serious personal circumstances. A student seeking to study elsewhere for personal reasons may petition to spend one or two semesters of their third year at another school.


Coursework and Transfer of Credit

Penn Law will not accept credit for courses taken outside of the host Law School; non-law course credits will not be transferred over.  Courses must be taken for a grade; there is not an option to elect to take a course pass/fail.  The exception is when the only grading option for the course is pass/fail.