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Procedure for Applying to Study Elsewhere in the US


A student seeking to study elsewhere in the United States must submit a petition requesting permission to do so for either Educational or Personal reasons. See below.

Petition Requirements for Study Elsewhere for Educational Reasons

Petitions to the Dean of Academic Affairs should include:

a) The name of the other university and/or law school,

b) A description of the academic program which the student wishes to pursue,

c) A description of the courses, unavailable at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, which the student intends to take at the other institution,

d) An explanation of the likelihood, confirmed by the other institution, that the student will be able to take the desired courses,

e) The purpose that will be satisfied by the proposed courses,

f) The following graduation requirements must be completed at the Law School: the senior writing requirement and the experiential credit requirement. If the student has not completed the Law School’s Professional Responsibility course requirement or the full, two-year public service requirement, an explanation of how these will be completed,

g) A copy of the student’s Law School transcript, and

h) A realistic date, confirmed by the other school, when the Law School Registrar may expect to receive the student’s grades at the conclusion of his or her work there.

Deadline for Educational Reasons

The deadline for submitting a petition for study elsewhere for “educational advantage” is February 1 of the academic year prior to the year the student seeks to be away from the Law School.

Petitions to Study Elsewhere for Personal Reasons & Deadline

Petitions to study elsewhere for personal reasons must be submitted to the Dean of Students and may be made anytime up to June 1 following the student’s second year.